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A New but Ancient
Holistic Healing Therapy
“Arcing Radial Light”*


The Evolution of the Healing Arts.

Cycles of shifting energy are present within the human body as well as throughout an evolution process that affects and effects the "Natural Healing" techniques throughout history. High Light frequencies correct the multi-faceted electro-magnetic energies of the body where sound and memory have influenced emotional and psychological blocks. Low frequency vibrations, within the electro-magnetic field produce sound on sound frequencies that do the same. There are differences between high frequency healers and the current trend of lower frequency healing as it has influenced healers in their work today.

Light and Sound Healing

We use light every day in endless ways. Light is more difficult to describe, it is a type of energy caused by a combination of electricity and magnetic fields. The most Common form of electro-magnetic radiation is visible light, but it covers the entire spectrum of energies from the very high-frequency cosmic gamma rays to low frequency, long wave length radio waves. The body is also an electro-magnetic field, it emanates light, the bio-field or light body, even though most people cannot see it, just like electricity, it cannot be seen, but is still there and can be felt and measured.

All atoms and molecules, emit light; because energy is light and light is energy, everything emits light, because its atoms and molecules vibrate through resonant vibration, for some really slow, for some really fast.