Bio-Field Integrative
Arcing Light Center, Inc. ™
A non-profit Corp.
501 (c) (3)


A New but Ancient
Holistic Healing Therapy
“Arcing Radial Light”*

Different Healing Sessions Available

At The Spiral Circle Bookstore

750 N. Thornton Ave. Orlando Fl. 32803 - 407/894-9854
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Every 3rd Saturday of each month
Time: 2:00-4:30 pm

Contact: Rev. Wimmy 407-886-1878

#1. Bio-field Arcing Light Healing
20 min. Hands on Session / Free for combat veterans
Bio-Field Integrative Arcing Light restores
The natural balance Of the Body’s Bio-Field
Reducing Pain, Stress, Anxiety and Depression


#2. Biofeild Balancing & Alignments
For Body, Mind & Spirit

#3. Experience Your Musical Body Through
A Sound Transducer! (New) Hear and Feel Music Through Your Body!

Feel and Hear What a Specific Chakra Sound is Like on Your Body
With Vibro-Acoustic Therapeutic Compositions

Bio-Field Integrative Arcing Light is

A Holistic Energy Healing Therapy

which helps restore the natural balance of the body’s

Bio-Field reducing Pain, Stress, Anxiety and Depression.




Rev. Wilhelmina Pruitt