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Reverent Wilhelmina Pruitt, President

Rev. Wilhelmina Pruitt is an exceptional gifted woman, whose unusual life experiences have given her the ability to teach the Art of Healing along with living according to Universal Laws.

She is truly an International Individual of Dutch/Irish ancestry, but born and raised as a second generation in South East Asia, on the Island of Java, Indonesia.

In her early years Rev. Wilhelmina lived for 3 1/2 years as a Japanese prisoner of war, when the Japanese invaded the East Indies during World War II, and as a Dutch national was interned with the rest of her family; she now has recognized these hardships as invaluable learning experiences. 

Her metaphysical training started at an early age and since then has included studies in Comparative Religions, Religious Science, The Meta-physics of Yoga, Consciousness, Awareness and the Divine Hologram, with Dr. Hasmukh Taylor , (, Reiki, color and sound, and other advanced work.
Rev. Wilhelmina has traveled widely and shares with her students the Wisdom she has attained from living in different countries and cultures; she believes in an eclectic approach to Spirituality. She holds a ministers license through the Alliance of Divine Love Chapel 980, which is an International Interfaith Ministry.

Rev. Wilhelmina was fortunate to have been taught from the earliest beginning by the Founder of *"Arcing Radial Light"© Healing, and is one of original healers and master teachers taught by Lorna Malmberg. (2002-2004). Certified healers and teachers classes are now available.
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