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A New but Ancient
Holistic Healing Therapy
“Arcing Radial Light”*
What is
the human biofield?

The bio-field is a quantum-level information or energy field that pervades the biochemical body and instructs it how to function correctly. If blockages or other distortions exist in this field, the information is unable to properly instruct the biochemical body, and physical illness can result.
This bio-field forms as the result of sub-atomic events in the body, such as the emission of photons in atomic interactions (proven in 1984 by Nobel-Prize winning physicists Carlo Rubbia and Simon Vander Meer), phonon emissions from the beating of the heart, and so on.

Attempts are to analyze this bio-field and then to correct it in order to bring clients into better states of health. We do not, however, diagnose or treat the biochemical body.



What is the human Bio-Field and, and how does it work?

Excerpts adapted from “Exploring the Bio field Hypothesis”
by Beverly Rubik, PhD: “Its Biophysical Basis and Role in Medicine,"

first published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

A Bio-field is intrinsically a holistic field.
The Bio-field is an electro-magnetic field that surrounds and permeates our physical body within an 18” perimeter of our body. This field is a quantum level information field that instructs the body how to function correctly. If blockages or distortions exist in this field, the information is unable to instruct the body and physical illness can result.
Bio-field Therapy is in realm of Holistic health, and often referred to as “Energy healing” or “laying on of hands” and is described as “one of the oldest forms of healing”. We do not however, diagnose or treat the bio-chemical body. Bio-field or Energy healing involves the transfer of energy from healer to client. Energy healing is considered useful in the treatment of general health and vitality, emotional issues and healing in general.

"Bio-field therapies form a subcategory of the domain of Energy therapies, as defined by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine."

Emotions are held in the body. Emotions exist in something called the bio-field, commonly referred to as an ‘energy field’. Specific emotions originate at energy centers, or different nerve plexus, which are at the bodily locations of the throat, heart, solar plexus, navel, and base of the spine. Our muscles involuntarily contract around the emotional centers, literally holding the feelings in our bodies.
During the energy healing session, the centers open, emotions come to the surface and are experienced by the client, when emotions are felt through to completion, feelings are released from the body, resulting in a sense of well-being.

This method is safe and is gently paced for each client. During the treatment, the natural release of emotions, is only what can be manageably dealt with.
Bio-field integration helps each person go through and fully experience grief, eventually restoring them to emotional balance and in significant ways contribute to overall health.
“Arcing Light” therapy is a holistic, “mind-body” paradigm of balance in which healing is a return to a state of harmony and balance, an intrinsic, universal variable that is not defined or measured within the framework of western medical science. It is a complementary therapy, but not a substitute for professional medical treatment.

“Arcing Light” therapy is however a simple treatment that restores homeostasis to the body, equilibrium to the mind, and harmony to the soul”, which helps the body in its self healing process and is classified as a Bio-field modality that involves touch or placement of the hands in or through a Bio-field.

The number of sessions required varies depending on how the client responds to the therapy and what issues they are dealing with.

Arcing Light or Arcing Radial Light
are used interchangeably.