Bio-Field Integrative
Arcing Light Center, Inc. ™
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A New but Ancient
Holistic Healing Therapy
“Arcing Radial Light”*


Short Description of Arcing Light Energy Healing

Bio-Field Integration Therapy with Arcing Light Holistic Healing works by directing positive energy from the healers’ hands through the acupuncture points and meridians, causing a release of negative energy blocks.
These blockages of energy occur over time due to traumatic emotional events.

Arcing Light Healing dissolves these blocks, allowing the natural balance of the body’s Bio-Field to return, thereby alleviating symptoms of PTSD; pain, stress, anxiety, and depression.

This encourages the body to heal itself, thereby resulting in a general feeling of well-being.
These energy treatments can last from 25 to 35 min.
A series of 3 consecutive treatments are recommended.


What is ”Arcing Radial Light” Healing ©™

Attunements & Reconnections on our subtle energy systems that interface with the body to support the body’s physical, spiritual and emotional processes.

1. Radial Co-Axial Reconnection.*

Re-connects the Spiritual to the physical Energetic Body through “Light”
(bio-photon) transmissions into the pituitary and pineal, through the thalamus and the endocrine system to other parts of the body to better facilitate the balance of Body, Mind and Spirit.

2. Radial Kolloidal Reconstruction *

Finely divided nano-particles of “Radial Light” are suspended in the body acquiring special molecular and electrical properties which bridge the lower Energetic bodies to the higher Energetic bodies for better attuning and balancing.


Sound/Vibration emits light/color
or the other way around, light/color emits sound.
For most people an inaudible and invisible light show.


*©These new Spiritual teachings came
Through Lorna Malmberg. (2001-2002)